When purchasing a cigar, new cigar smokers are sometimes confused when asked whether they prefer a mild, medium or full-bodied cigar.

Let’s understand what this actually means, and how the body can affect the experience.

The cigar body refers to the relative strength of the cigar. Cigars are generally divided into three groups: Mild, Medium & Full.

The strength of most cigars sold today can be judged by the country where they were manufactured. For example, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic produce a lot of light or mild cigars, while Cuba tends to produce more full-bodied blends.

The strength of the cigar you prefer will always be a personal preference, but veteran smokers tend to prefer full bodied or full flavored smokes, while newbies seem to prefer a cigar with a gentler body and flavor.

The flavor is what smokers perceive as the taste of a particular cigar. It often depends on various factors: How old is the cigar? Is it too dry, too humid or just right? What did you eat before? What are you drinking during?

Try a few different blends and bodies of cigars to see what is perfect for your personal taste, and let us know what type of cigar you prefer.